12 February 2017


Two new releases are now available from trente oiseaux:


Bernhard Günter – Bedroom Guitarist                          TOC171

Bernhard Günter – Un Peu de Neige Salie [ Origin ]    TOC172


Bedroom Guitarist is Bernhard‘s first guitar album after more than 40 years of playing the electric guitar, comprised of four solo improvisations actually recorded in the bedroom, and using very simple means.


Un Peu de Neige Salie [ Origin ] is a re-release identical to the original release of the album on the SELEKTION label in 1993, albeit with a new cover. It will be available in two versions, the original and a contemporary one – see below.


These two albums are Bernhard‘s first and so far most recent published recordings, both released on his 60th birthday, and and my give the listener and idea of how varied his musical work has been over the last 25 years.


Starting with the these two releases, trente oiseaux will introduce a new release policy: all releases will be mastered both in a 16bit and a 24bit version, and when you buy an album you will be entitled to a free 24bit version of it. In the case of Un Peu de Neige Salie, the two versions will not be identical, but the 24bit version will be re-mastered with the most modern mastering tools we have at our disposition. The 24bit version will thus present the album as it sound like when mastered by Bernhard in 2017.


The two 24bit versions are not quite finished at the the time of writing, but will soon be available. To obtain a 24bit version please write us an e-mail to info(@)




24 October 2016.


Four more new releases are now available from trente oiseaux:


Bernhard Günter – Monochrome White                 TOC164

Bernhard Günter – Polychrome w/Neon Nails       TOC165

Bernhard Günter – Monochrome Rust                   TOC166

Bernhard Günter – Differential                               TOC167


These four titles are of course re-releases, but have not been available for some 15 years now, have been re-mastered and received new covers. These four albums are re-releases of a work cycle of four pieces based on "InAudio" by British duo Immedia ( Vicky Paniale and Darren Reynols ). They were originally released as two 2CD sets on LINE in June 2001 and April 2002. They share are common booklet that, among other things, contains the original liner notes, and are available as single albums, and, like the original releases, in two double albums. Read booklet...


There will be one or two more releases of entirely new material on trente oiseaux this year - they are not finalized yet, so that we will have to see how they play out.


Last, but not least, an important information for our European customers: we have just learned that Bandcamp charges the respective VAT on orders from Europe. We do not, because trente oiseaux is exempt from VAT, and we will try to explain this to the people at Bandcamp. For the time being, European customers are better off buying directly at our online store.




Our three new releases are now available for download in the trente oiseaux online store - they can be obtained by clicking on the album titles under 'latest releases' or from the Net Albums page.


Starting on 24 September, we will donate two euro for each album sold at the trente oiseaux online store and one euro for each album sold at Bandcamp to Médecins sans Frontières ( MSF ), aka Doctors without Borders. At, whatever amount is paid on top of the 10 euro we ask for an album will also go to MSF. We will also make it possible to pay more than the price asked at our online store when the new trente oiseaux site becomes functional.


MSF is an international, independent, medical humanitarian organisation that delivers aid to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics, natural disasters and exclusion from healthcare. MSF offers assistance to people based on need, irrespective of race, religion, gender or political affiliation. They need and merit our support.


Trente oiseaux is updating the Creative Commons License we use for our releases to CC BY-NC-ND 4.0. This license excludes commercial use and derivative works. Both are possible if agreed upon by trente oiseaux, so get in touch and ask us.




Trente Oiseaux is finally releasing new albums again, starting with three releases to be available from 24 September 2016: 


Derek Piotr / Bernhard Günter – The Shallows Variations               TOC161

Bernhard Günter – Preparation / Performance [ Locus Solus I ]       TOC163

Bernhard Günter – Explorative Music [ Locus Solus II ]                   TOC163


The next batch of releases is scheduled for 24 October 2016 and consists of remastered

re-releases of four pieces by Bernhard Günter originally released on LINE in 2001 and 2002:


Bernhard Günter – Monochrome White                 TOC164

Bernhard Günter – Polychrome w/Neon Nails       TOC165

Bernhard Günter – Monochrome Rust                   TOC166

Bernhard Günter – Differential                              TOC167


We're already working on the release schedule for next year, but an additional album this year is also an option…


Other news: trente oiseaux will see a relaunch that will include a new website and a stronger presence on – this is in the works, largely thanks to the invaluable help of Erik Schoster and Derek Piotr. The label has even, after 21 years in existence, finally received a logo:



More details about the trente oiseaux relaunch will follow soon!


about trente oiseaux

Trente oiseaux was founded by Bernhard Günter in November 1995 and began releasing ground-breaking work by artists like Francisco Lopez, Steve Roden, Reynols, Matt Shoemaker, Richard Chartier, Japanese Duo Kuwayama/Kijima, Tomas Phillips, Keith Berry, Bernhard himself, and quite a few more. Bernhard never hesitated releasing a first CD by an hitherto unknown artist when he considered their work worthwhile. The label built a solid reputation among listeners of contemporary electro-acoustic and improvised music and was arguably an artistic success.

In spite of a world wide net of distributors and good reviews in numerous publications, it wasn't, however, as successful economically. So when it became clear that sales weren't covering cost any longer ( invoices not paid by distributors didn't exactly help ), the label stopped releasing CDs by the end of 2005 after a short period of releasing CDRs. Bernhard reluctantly decided to sell out the remaining stock of CDs and call it a day for trente oiseaux.

Then, 13 years after it was founded, trente oiseaux returned as a web label distributing music by download exclusively. The technological means nowadays available make it possible to return to releasing music without the immense financial risk a label selling physical sound carriers can incur, and Bernhard was more than pleased to see his label become active again.

The first web releases on trente oiseaux comprised a couple of Bernhard's albums no longer available on CD, Bernhard first album released only on the web, and the CDR releases mentioned above are also coming back as web releases distributed by download. Simon Whetham's 'Understory' was trente oiseaux's first new web album.

On 14 July 2009 trente oiseaux released 'Tori no Kaigi', a compilation presenting a selection of contemporary electro-acoustic and improvised music by fine artists from all over the world. Tori no Kaigi consists of four individual albums and ca. 50 pages pdf booklet available for download from trente oiseaux's website – don't miss it!

In 2012, Bernhard designed a new website for trente oiseaux, installed an online shop and added his new personal website.

Now, in 2016, trente oiseaux has been around for 21 years and we will give it a spring cleaning, and go for yet another fresh start.