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Sound Thinking Conference 2013

I have taken part in the Sound Thinking Conference at the Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main, Germany from 30 May to 1 June 2013.


The leaflet issued by the Sound Thinking Conference describes it like this: 'This project serves two conjunct purposes: on the one hand it wants to develop a sonic philosophy that takes music serious as a ‘form of thinking’ [and that might revise our notion of what ‘thinking’ means]. On the other hand, it aims to bring this approach into a fertile symbiosis with the concepts and practices of ‘artistic research:’ art, philosophy, and science as heterogeneous, yet coequal forms of thinking and researching.' Numerous international sound artists will give talks on their view of, and further discuss the subject, and I think the Sound Thinking Conference will be an event of high interest for anybody interested in sound art.


I contributed a talk ( titled 'the finger and the moon' ) on Friday, 31. May at 11:00 am and a concert, also on Friday 31. May at 9:00 pm, followed by a concert by German sound artist Thomas Köner. My talk was about my personal musical practice that, as I like to put it, is based on 'thinking sound in its own terms', i.e., working with sound in a way that relies on directly experiencing it rather than on abstract concepts, and understanding the creation music as an essentially human activity.





brachklang release their first album on trente oiseaux:

brachklang – Two Days in the Life of   (TOC131)


Brachklang is an improvised music duo whose members are Ingo Weiß and I. On our first album, Ingo plays alto saxophone, baritone saxophone and live electronics, while I am heard on soprano and alto sax, soprano and alto clarinet, electric guitar, and live electronics


All our music is improvised spontaneously, and while the recordings are ( albeit sparingly ) edited, there are no overdubs — even if this may sometimes seem hard to believe. It does not adhere to any musical genre, it is vivid and varied, often intense, but also has its quiet, contemplative moments. In short, listening to this music is a much better idea than trying to describe it.


As the title implies, the music on this album was recorded on two days in January 2013, and so is a very recent 'snapshot' of our duo's musical life.