Photo: Richard Klasen

brachklang is an improvised music duo whose members are:

Bernhard Günter – soprano and alto saxophone, soprano and alto clarinet, electric guitar and live electronics and

Ingo Weiß – alto and baritone saxophone, flutophone ( i.e., a flute with a saxophone mouthpiece ) and live electronics.

The duo's name 'brachklang' is a neologism derived from the German word 'Brachland' ( engl. fallow, waste land ) that would translate to English as 'fallow sound'.

All of our music is improvised spontaneously, recordings are ( sparingly ) edited but there are no overdubs — even if this may sometimes seem hard to believe. There are traces of jazz as well as of contemporary classic music, but it does not adhere to any musical genre — it is vivid and varied, often intense, but also has its quiet, contemplative moments. Near anything is possible in our music, ranging from spacious soundscapes to sonic sculptures bursting with energy. We are not able to predict what will happen when we start playing — surprising even ourselves is an essential part of what we do.

Brachklang's music has been a sort of 'work in progress', a constant process of developing and refining our musical vocabulary ever since we started playing together, and this process does not show any signs of subsiding.

We have just released our first album 'two days in the life of' on trente oiseaux. We also enjoy playing live enormously and would be happy to do so in your city, too – you can contact us for booking via this website.