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Please note:

You do not have create a user account in order to shop at our online store - your user account is automatically created by the system during checkout.

Uselful information re:  downloads:

All net albums are in .wave format and can thus be written to CDR to become become a CD on your shelf as well as converted to whatever format required for your favorite listening device. The come with a printable cover in .pdf or .jpg format, and some of them with additional extras like full liner notes in .pdf format. The package constituting the download is packed into a .rar file. These can be unpacked using the free tools tools 7-Zip under Windows, UnRarX under MacOs, and Ubuntu/Debian Linux users can install Unrar ( sudo apt-get install unrar ). We have chosen .rar over the older .zip format because it is faster and offers better compressions ratios - one could arguably call it the up-and-coming compression format. 

Ordering CDs from trente oiseaux:

A click on the album title will open it as a product that you can add to your shopping cart. When you have finished shopping for CDs, please click on this link [ Shipping Cost CDs ]  to add the type of shipping cost appropriate for your order to your shopping cart. Selecting shipping cost works exactly like adding CDs. We are aware that this procedure is a bit awkward, but it is the only way we found to integrate the different types of shipping cost into our online shop.

Payments and taxes:

Payments are made by means of Paypal - a Paypal account is not required, however. Trente oiseaux is owned and run by Bernhard Günter, who is registered with the German Tax and Revenue Service as a 'small entrepreneur' (Kleinunternehmer) according to § 19 UStG and therefore exempt of charging the German VAT.  All prices quoted on the trente oiseaux websites are thus net prices. 


Creative Commons License

All works offered for sale on our website are published under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. If you wish to use any of the works for commercial purposes or the creation of derivative work, please get in touch with us.