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Bernhard Günter   -   Bedroom Guitarist        TOC171

Bedroom Guitarist is Bernhard‘s first guitar album after more than 40 years of playing the electric guitar, comprised of four solo improvisations actually recorded in the bedroom, and using very simple means.


Bernhard Günter   -   Un Peu de Neige Salie       TOC172

Un Peu de Neige Salie [ Origin ] is a re-release identical to the original release of the album on the SELEKTION label in 1993, albeit with a new cover.




Bernhard Günter   -   Monochrome White        TOC164

Monochrome White is the first in a work cycle of four pieces based on "InAudio" by British Duo Immedia (Vicky Paniale and Darren Reynolds). The four albums of this re-release share a common PDF booklet containing the original liner notes. Monochrome White is, like the original release, available in a double album together with Polychrome w/Neon Nails. Read booklet...


Bernhard Günter   -   Polychrome w/Neon Nails        TOC165

Polychrome w/Neon Nails is the second in a work cycle of four pieces based on "InAudio" by British Duo Immedia (Vicky Paniale and Darren Reynolds). The four albums of this re-release share a common PDF booklet containing the original liner notes. Monochrome White is, like the original release, available in a double album together with Monochrome WhiteRead booklet...


Bernhard Günter   -   Monochrome Rust        TOC166

Monochrome Rust is the third in a work cycle of four pieces based on "InAudio" by British Duo Immedia (Vicky Paniale and Darren Reynolds). The four albums of this re-release share a common PDF booklet containing the original liner notes. Monochrome Rust is, like the original release, available in a double album together with Differential. Read booklet...


Bernhard Günter   -   Differential        TOC167

Differential is the forth in a work cycle of four pieces based on "InAudio" by British Duo Immedia (Vicky Paniale and Darren Reynolds). The four albums of this re-release share a common PDF booklet containing the original liner notes. Differential is, like the original release, available in a double album together with Monochrome RustRead booklet...


Derek Piotr / Bernhard Günter  -  The Shallows Variations    TOC161

The Shallows Variations presents Derek Piotr's "Shallows" and four remixes of it that are the result of a longish process stretching over several months. Its genesis is described in the full liner notes accompanying the album.


Bernhard Günter  -  Preparation / Performance   [ Locus Solus I ]   TOC162

This album documents an event that combined a six-channel audio installation with an improvised performance on clarinet and soprano saxophone at the City Church in Koblenz, Germany, on 27 March 2015. The installation was open to the public from 1 pm, the performance began at 7 pm. "Preparation" is a recording of Bernhard's first exploration of the extraordinary sonic qualities of the location.


Bernhard Günter  -  Explorative Music  [ Locus Solus II ]    TOC163

This album presents binaural recordings of Bernhard Günter improvising under an arch or the Balduin Brücke in Koblenz, Germany, exploring the very particular acoustics of this location by means of his instruments. The resulting music was only possible in this place, hence the addition of "locus solus",      "the only place".




brachklang   -   Two Days in the Life of       TOC131

Brachklang is an improvised music duo whose members are Bernhard Günter and Ingo Weiß. On their first album, Bernhard plays soprano and alto sax, soprano and alto clarinet, electric guitar, and live electronics — Ingo provides alto and baritone saxophone and live electronics.


All their music is improvised spontaneously, and the recordings are ( sparingly ) edited, but there are no overdubs — even if this may sometimes seem hard to believe. It does not adhere to any musical genre, it is vivid and varied, often intense, but also has its quiet, contemplative moments. In short, listening to this music is a much better idea than trying to describe it.


As the title implies, the music on this album was recorded on two days in January 2013, and and so is a very recent 'snapshot' of the duo's musical life.





Ingo Weiß   -  Saxophone\Notebook     TOC123

Ingo Weiss, who lives near Koblenz at the Moselle, is - among other things - a musician. In particular he focuses on improvised music in which both - instruments and live electronics - play an important role. The sound of the instruments is processed via Computer to create new sounds - this is done spontaneously and in real time.

Ingo plays the alto and baritone saxophone, soprano flutophon (a flute with a saxophone mouthpiece), the EWI (Electric Wind Instrument) and uses his notebook for live electronics - his musical focus is on experimental improvised music. He plays with Bernhard Günter in the duo brachklang.

'The music on this album consists of a series of improvisations I played on alto and baritone saxophone while processing their sounds using my notebook in a way enabling me to sort of interact with myself in real-time. Everything is recorded live with no overdubs, except for the 'saxophone duet' I played at the end. All pieces are based on sets of rules, so that they are not entirely free improvisations - nevertheless their outcome is quite (completely?) different each time.'


Luca Pissavini – MetaStanze  TOC122


Ákos Garai  –  Til Ødslig Horisont   TOC121



Pierre Gérard  – Perspective, en cherchant le chevreuil    TOC103



Bernhard Günter / Dorothea Krishnabhakdi  –  Reflection and Resonance    TOC102



Bernhard Günter – Un Peu de Neige Salie   TOC101



Tori no Kaigi is a compilation of work by fine artists from all over the world in four albums.
It comes with a 50 pages pdf booklet to be downloaded separately. Here are the playlists
of the four albums:
Tori no Kaigi [ ichi ]
  1. Fergus Kelly – Embedded In Debris
  2. Dunlope Highflex – Low-Flex
  3. SAP(e) with Bernhard Guenter – Dimanche
Tori no Kaigi [ ni ]
  1. Gary Smith – Like Time Passing
  2. 12 dog cycle – In its human brain
  3. 4+1 – Landscape
Tori no Kaigi [ san ]
  1. Pierre Gérard – l'absence
  2. Steve Roden – fallingspinningfading04
  3. Manrico Montero – Confluences
  4. Pangea – Refraction
  5. Tarab – Untitled 13
Tori no Kagi [ yon ]
  1. Simon Whetham – Night train insomnia
  2. Lethe – Bleeding floor
  3. Luigi Turra – Superficie rongée
  4. Carlos Suarez – Nosce te ipsum
  5. Ubeboet – Praeter

trente oiseaux presents:  Tori no Kaigi [ ichi ]   TOC094


trente oiseaux presents:  Tori no Kaigi [ ni ]  TOC095


Tori no Kaigi [ booklet ]


Bernhard Günter  –  Buddha with the Sun Face / Buddha with the Moon Face   TOC091



Simon Whetham  –  Understory    TOC088


Bernhard Günter  –  Ecriture Automatique    TOC087



Bernhard Günter – Détails Agrandis    TOC086


Bernhard Günter - Univers Temporel Espoir   TOC081


Available as both net albums and CD:


+minus     A Rainy Koran Verse [UK live]     TOC043    [ CD ]

Our second album presents 70 minutes of live recordings from three concerts in Norwich, Manchester, and London. I will not give a long description of the music here, let me just say that during my obligatory test listening to the just arrived CD, I could only think 'What a great record!' and smile a big smile. +minus managed to achieve the creation of a unique musical language and style ( no small feat in my humble opinion ), and was one of the most gratifying projects ever in my musical life.


Reinhold Friedl / Bernhard Günter / Michael Vorfeld   -   Message Urgent     TOC042   [ CD ]

For this release the widely respected improvisation duo of Reinhold Friedl, inside piano and Michael Vorfeld, percussion and stringed instruments is joined by Bernhard Günter, electric cellotar. Reinhold, Michael, and me first got together to play concert at the Podewil in Berlin in November 2003. After the sound check as our sole rehearsal we played a really intense set, and were astonished by how well our playing as a trio functioned. We then spent the next day recording in the same space at the Podewil, a recording session that was both mentally and physically so intense it left us exhausted  (I still distinctly remember our hands trembling ). MESSAGE URGENT now presents these recordings.

This trio music is quite different from that of my trio +minus, it is quite dense ( at times almost orchestral ) and intense, although of very low volume ( please resist the temptation to turn the volume up ), constantly changing atmospheres and moods. The intensity of our session is well captured by the recording ( as well as a bit of background noise that becomes noticeable during the most silent moments ), and so the CD provides a listening experience you should not miss..


Bernhard Günter / Graham Halliwell / Mark Wastell   -   +minus [first meeting]     TOC041   [ CD ]

As the title implies, +minus [first meeting] is the result of the first meeting of bernhard günter with Graham Halliwell, and Mark Wastell. It also implies that what was intended to be a recording project has become a band, my first band since fifteen years, and named +minus:

Bernhard Günter: electric cellotar and composed basis tracks
Graham Halliwell: saxophone feedback
Mark Wastell: amplified textures, Nepalese prayer bowls and gong

+minus' music is improvised, but not purely so: two of the four tracks on our first artist use some of my older, noise oriented pieces as their structural basis, while the two others are indeed improvised. We understand improvisation as 'instant composition', and the result is an intuitively played cross-over between electro-acoustic and improvised music of generally quiet and contemplative character. Our group name alludes to our playing ‘plus’ and ‘minus’ pre-recorded composed basis tracks.

Keith Berry    -    The Golden Boat       TOC034        [ CD

Keith Berry is a sound artist based in London. His 'The Golden Boat' consists of four pieces all quite consistent in style and sound quality to the point that they form, not unlike my own Un Peu de Neige Salie, a unified whole. Keith's work is very musical and beautiful, evolving at a slow pace, like the passing of clouds. It has a strong spatial quality, especially on headphones, and uses a variety of sound materials ranging from concrete to instrumental to electronic. 'The Golden Boat' is certainly one of trente oiseaux's highlights in 2003.


Thomas Phillips   -   On Dit    TOC033    [ CD ]

"On Dit was created during the summer and autumn of 2002. These were my last months in the U.S. before relocating to Montreal. It was also a period of technological experimentation, as I had only recently acquired the programs with which On Dit was made. Conceptually, the piece had been with me for some time. The intention was to use a palette of both digital and organic sounds and to construct an extended track complete with individual though related "movements." I was aiming for a certain quietude, which I achieved in the first section, though as is often the case in art, the composition slowly developed of its own accord and became somewhat louder and more frenetic than anticipated. Perhaps the manifestation of an impending transition was escaping through the music."


Kuwajama - Kijima   -   02.08.23     TOC032      [ CD ]

Japanese Duo Kuwayama - Kijima have recorded their second release for Trente Oiseaux in an empty warehouse at Nagoya Port. The sound of crickets and waves picked up by microphones placed outside the building were transmitted into the space, where Kuwayama and Kijima played along with them, taking advantage of the natural reverb of the space, and changing their position in it while playing.

Compared to to Kuwayama - Kijima's first release on Trente Oiseaux, where cars going over a midnight highway bridge provided a very vivid ambience, this recording's atmosphere is much quieter and more static, thus drawing more attention to the duo's excellent playing, and providing a kind of peaceful canvas if front of which they pursue their musical and sonic explorations. 02.08.23 is a record that asks the listener to pay close attention and to become immersed in the ongoing transformations of sounds and musical figures - when this attitude is taken, listening to the record is a very gratifying experience.


Steve Roden   -   Resonant Cities    TOC031     [ CD ]

Steve Roden composed Resonant Cities as a project for Kunst Radio Wien (Art Radio Vienna) using only field recordings of tiny details from cities all over the world. The following lines from a text Steve wrote about this work perfectly describe what it is about: 

"... searching through my library of field recordings for material for this project, i realized that my visits to most cities are a kind of hunting activity to gather these inconsiderable audio things - and indeed as i listened, a lot of these sounds they conjured up some very strong memories of moments when i have been in a city yet felt outside of 'city', as though an intimate listening or sound making activity can completely take one outside of their immediate environment to a place where the sound one is listening to begins to define the parameters of space. even quiet sounds, if one listens closely and intimately can direct one's attention away from the existing 'scenery'..." 

Steve Roden's complete essay on Resonant Cities is included with the album in PDF format.


Richard Chartier / Bernhard Günter / Steve Roden   -   [For Morton Feldman]    TOC024     [ CD ]

[ For Morton Feldman ] presents one piece each in homage to Morton Feldman by Richard Chartier, Steve Roden, and me on the occasion of the fifteenth anniversary of his death in September 1987. I am amazed how well these pieces, in spite of being quite different in style, work together to constitute a whole. They also express the influence Morton Feldman's sublime works have had (and still have) on us in our personal ways of creating music.

Richard's HOW THINGS CHANGE is a rather intimate, pensive piece made of abstract electronic sounds and long stretches of silence, while Steve's STASIS is probably the most hypnotic and atmospheric set of slowly orbiting loops he has ever created. I, who like to say that the safest to expect from me is the unexpected, have composed a piece for winter rain, small brook, and sho, titled FUYU NO AME (FOR MORTON FELDMAN), a piece that belongs to what I have called my 'musique concrète, enhanced' strain of work, but sounds like nothing else I have composed.


Kuwayama  -  Kijima   -    01.06.16     TOC023     [ CD ]

01.06.16 is trente oiseaux's second release of improvised instrumental music. Kuwayama Kiyoharu, cello, and Kijima Rina, violin, took their instruments to the bottom of a highway at midnight, and improvised along with the passing vehicles. Both are formidable players, and so well attuned to each other that their improvisations cannot be told from highly complex compositions. Like other improvising players, they have adopted the musical vocabulary, and musical gestures of contemporary classical music, and are using them freely, but also drawing from a great number of other influences, making their own music very rich, and inventive. The particular spatial impression created by cars going by is making their recordings an even more fascinating listening experience. We are inviting you to to discover this exiting, and highly engaging work.


Bernhard Günter  -  Redshift  :  Abschied      TOC021     [ CD ]

I was forming plans for a very different project in my mind when i came across a number of DAT tapes from my first sampling days in 1993, the time of 'Un peu de neige salie' - these tapes contained sounds i had not used in those days, and that i could not at all remember the origins / sources of, but that sounded interesting to my present day ears. I thus started to work with them, without the slightest idea of what might be the result, and the piece kind of made itself - the result was a structure consisting of noise sounds to which i added a complementary micro-tonal structure of instrumental samples to form the whole. It is difficult to describe the result, but i think it quite unique in the impression it gives - when listened to at low or medium volume (it is supposed to be), the sounds seem to come from a far distance, and create shifting impressions of space.

The associations of signals coming from far away, and transforming space it gave me led to the title Redshift, a term that describes a phenomenon discovered in the 1920's: the light of far distant galaxies is shifted to the red spectrum, and the farther away they are, the stronger the redshift is. This discovery can only be explained by a Doppler Effect implying that these galaxies are moving away from us, and that the universe is expanding. These associations are, of course, purely subjective - you do not have to imagine swarms of neutrinos, or radio signals from a quasar to enjoy the piece.

ABSCHIED: I have composed 'Abschied' in memory of Erika Kedziora, my wife's aunt, who passed away on July 28th, 2001, after a long illness, at age 70. She was a wonderful human being, friendly, and open-minded, always wishing me luck for my concerts, and success for my music. Heike and I were deeply shocked, and saddened to learn that she had finally lost the battle against her illness.

May she rest in peace. We will remember her.


Reinhold Friedl / Michael Vorfeld   -   Au Défaut du Silence     TOC016      [ CD ]

Reinhold Friedl, piano, and Michael Vorfeld, percussion and stringed instruments, create music that transcends the boundaries of improvised, and composed music, as well as those between instrumental and electro-acoustic music. Their pieces range from quiet, introspective, and sparse atmospheres to very dense, highly intense, and almost orchestral parts. This music is quite impressive, and strikes me as a new step ahead in improvised music. Releasing their excellent work will both broaden trente oiseaux's spectrum of musical styles, and introduce the artists' highly innovative approach to listeners outside the inner circle of improvised music.


Bernhard Günter / Steve Roden   -   Japan     TOC015      [ CD ]

Originally projected to be sold exclusively at our concerts during our tour in Japan in November 2001, this split CD of Steve Roden and I will be released on TRENTE OISEAUX, along with Steve's upcoming CD for our label, because we found ourselves too fond of the pieces it contains to limit it to this use. While the three pieces differ very much in style ( mine being made of noises exclusively, while the two by Steve are using concrete sounds ), they really work together very well.

bernhard günter, March 2001



Bernhard Günter   -   Then, Silence    TOC011     [ CD ]

Then, Silence is dedicated to Morton Feldman and Luigi Nono. The experience of listening to their music has changed my understanding, my way of listening to, my thinking about, and my creating music so much that my own work would simply be unthinkable without it. Dedicating Then, Silence to them is my modest Thank You to Morton Feldman and Luigi Nono, expressing not only my admiration, but also the sadness their untimely parting causes me.


Steve Roden   -   Four Possible Landscapes    TOC005      [ CD ]

I originally used the term "possible landscapes" to describe my performances - spaces created from spaces, relating to the specificity of location, yet trying to open this specificity up to abstraction. Although they use no "field recordings", i view these four works also as possible landscapes - perhaps tied more to the tradition of painting - where fuzzy edges and hues of color can lead one to wander...       Steve Roden, October 2000


Bernhard Günter  -  Time, Dreaming Itself    TOC003     [ CD ]

This work's main aspects are, as its title suggests, Time, and the notion of Slowness. Of complex harmonic design similar to "Brown, Blue, Brown on Blue ( For Mark Rothko )" the composition uses both instrumental images and elements of a more soundscape-type character, plus a non-tempered scale as the basis for the various transpositions of the sounds. Other than that, i think it speaks for itself...      bernhard günter, May 2000


Reynols  -  Blank Tapes    TOC002     [ CD ]

Reynols is a group of artists from Buenos Aires, Argentina, consisting of Miguel Tomasin, Robeto Conlazo, and Anla Courtis. Their work Blank Tapes is a piece in six parts, made from analog and digital treatments of a selection of blank tapes, dating from the years 1978-1999. Despite the minimal material, the six sections are constantly changing and shifting along their duration, covering a wide range of dynamics and frequencies, their overall characteristics varying on a scale from silent and contemplative to outright aggressive, and make this cd a very interesting listening experience.


Steve Roden  -  Crop Circles    Ad'OC971    [ CD ]

Steve Roden is a visual and sound artist from Los Angeles, known for his musical work under the name of "in be tween noise". Steve felt that this particular work, music for an installation he has done, was far enough from the music of "in be tween noise" to ask us to release it under his own name. It is a quiet soundscape, produced by using only a microphone and a speaker to create the sound material, and designed to fill the room at a moderate loudness to let the listener take a 42 minutes bath in a strange atmosphere, repetitive, but changing all the time.